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Evan Chute

You guys just keep rocking out

Philippe Migrenne Aidelf

We highly recommend Fuzion, they have been fantastic partners in improving our website with their expertise on both CiviCrm and Drupal. The Fuzion Team have always perfectly understood our needs and provided the best technical service, advice, teaching and support.
All the work Fuzion has undertaken for our organisation has always been done in a very collaborative and transparent way. They not only do the work required, they also explain you how they do it which has been extremely valuable for us.

Ellen Cieraad

Fuzion have been engaging and very supportive throughout the process of designing and implementing a new website and CiviCRM system for our society. They have been good at finding the quirks of the old system and translating them into useful future-proof ways to do the same (or more) on our new site.

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We feel very confident that the website features and development we wish to develop can be implemented and well supported by the Fuzion team, at a reasonable rate and with timely feedback in the process. It is reassuring to know that they are such experts in the two open source programs we use, being Drupal and CiviCRM and we are very happy with the new features that CiviCRM continues to provide with the upgrades.

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Philippe Migrenne Aidelf

Fuzion have a long history with Aidelf as they integrated the original payment processor on the previous site in the early days of CiviCrm. The project, this time, was to upgrade the site and move from Joomla to Drupal and integrate another payment processor. As always the Fuzion team were extremely efficient, responsive and helpful, and we highly recommend their services.

The Fuzion team are always very responsive and provide perfect technical support as well as guidance and teaching. One of the key aspects of the Aidelf site is that it is entirely in French, Fuzion provided excellent support and very helpful explanations on how the Drupal and CiviCrm French translation files work. This has also lead in an involvement from us to contribute further translations that will be helpful to the community.

Shona Bass Earlylife

Kathy and I would like to thank you for the amazing work you and your team have done for us over these past few months. Fuzion literally saved us from the boiling vat of fat!! We not only appreciate your expertise, knowledge, creativity and lateral thinking we also value highly your integrity and honesty and accessibility!! It has been an absolute pleasure working with you.