About Us

Fuzion is a well-established provider of database and website systems to the non-profit sector, serving clients around the world who work on all sorts of exciting missions to make the world a better place.

Our clients span a wide spectrum of sectors; political, campaigning, education, social services, professional organisations, sporting and recreational bodies, health and legal. Never a dull day!

Fuzion helps these organisations communicate with their contacts, organise events, manage membership systems, run campaigns, assign volunteers and fundraise. Some users have very simple needs, others have complex ‘case management’ requirements or multi-level permissioning.

A few need significant customisations which our technical team deliver, and whenever possible share these with the community of users as part of our contribution to these open source projects.

Some are just starting out, others may be trying to escape the nightmare of multiple spreadsheets, or need help migrating from other CRMs, such as Access, NationBuilder or Raiser’s Edge.

Fuzion thrives on making the administration of non profit organisations more streamlined. We take pride in being transparent in our work and maintaining close communication with clients throughout the process. We have built long-lasting relationships with many of our customers.

We are strong supporters of open source technologies and we take pride in contributing back to the CiviCRM and Drupal communities with new extensions, fixes and helping answer questions from other users of these systems. Fuzion is a Sustaining Contributor and an Empowering Partner of CiviCRM.