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05 Nov 2020

The scenario here is, for example, you are calling your Contacts and recording data via webform using webform_civicrm, and you are using a View to get your list of contacts.

26 Jun 2019

We did this a while back, and a question on StackExchange meant it was worth sharing.

28 Feb 2018

When Drupal Users are created a CiviCRM record is automatically created.

07 Dec 2017

This summary explains how we are using webform to allow multiple people to be registered for multiple events - with each person registering for any variation of events

13 Jun 2017

Per a request in StackExchanged I cloned this View and cleaned it up in case it could help in their use case.  The view ensures the block shows activities Assigned to the logged in user.

16 Nov 2016

Quickly built this to provide an example view for this question on Stack Exchange. Obviously the relationship types may need resetting to match which relationships are required.

26 May 2016

This came up as a question for a civi report that could provide a pivot table for contacts created each month v the Source field.

21 Nov 2015

A question on StackExchange had me wondering if a View would provide a solution for showing Civi Memberships and OG Mem

21 Oct 2015

A StackExchange question asked how to provide a link to whatever was the latest newsletter. Seemed like a good fit for a View so tried one out. Here is the file. if it helps, let us know.

28 Aug 2015

I spotted this on StackExchange and Link was okay with me adding this to the repository here. Link's issue was that he had a bunch of Organization contacts with "Work" addresses that he needed to change to "Main" addresses.

28 Jul 2015

If you have the CiviCRM Entities module (2.x version)  and the Calendar module then in Views you should find that you can use "Add from template" and there is a template for Civi Event.

Previous to the 2.x version of Entities the View needed hand crafting and there is an example attached.

25 Jul 2015

A request on StackExchange seemed like a good candidate for a View using Aggregation that would give a count of how many Memberships had changed from eg Grace to Expired in a particular period, and by Membership Type.

Note that you may need to login or Masquerade as user/1 to get access to the Import View interface at admin/structure/views/import.

10 Apr 2015

Following on the blog by Eileen about using CiviCRM Entities and Views Bulk Operations (VBO) to update start/end dates of civi Relationships in bulk, another client asked for a quick solution for them confirming who attended an event. This was a free event, they had sent out invites, and wanted a quick way to mark people as 'attending' so that they could then bulk update the Pariticipant Status for those who showed up.

25 Mar 2015

It has been possible to make batch changes to CiviCRM data using VBO (Views Bulk Operations) for a while but I only just got around to implementing it for a customer so I am taking the chance to document what I did here!

The recipe is basically

- install civicrm_entity version 2.x & vbo

- create a View

- add and configure the desired 'bulk operation'

And, setting up a View with a bulk operation to modify Relationship End Dates was pretty much that easy


Install CiviCRM Entity version 2.x

23 Aug 2014

Because CiviCRM uses ? in its urls it can get tricky to specify when you want a Drupal Block to show on specific donation or other pages.

A solution we found to work well is the which adds a new Visibility Setting called Query.

There you can set eg id=39 which means if you have Pages set to 'only on the listed pages' and eg civicrm/event/register* then the id=39 should cause it to show only on that Event registration page.

10 Aug 2014

In many cases, such as for the European Greens, we want to create Drupal pages for some contacts, in their case Parties, so that we can pull together both a collection of information about the contact from Civi, and display related Drupal content, such as News items about the Party. You can see an example of that for the German Bundnis party here. (And I will write this approach up in greater detail later)

09 Aug 2014

The European Greens (and other clients since) wanted to have blocks showing News items relating to their Party pages, so that for example a news item that 'node references' Die Grunen would show up on the page about Die Grunen.

The concept is simple enough and can be handled in Views but requires a bit of extra configuration.

08 Aug 2014

This has come up repeatedly on the Civi Forums and in this case International Mountain Biking Association needed one for Drupal 6, so I thought I would quickly share a Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 solution as a starting point for others.