Team Fuzion

Peter Davis

Peter set up Fuzion after being introduced to CiviCRM while working on a political campaign. His passion is helping organisations and businesses develop and implement the strategies that will help them achieve their mission more effectively.

It's about helping business and organisations that are doing good do it better.

Peter has worked in politics, communications and research and has considerable experience in advocacy and research related to environmental and sustainability issues. He also has a strong background in writing for public consumption, be it for the web, newsletters or books.

Kaylie Potaka

Kaylie is hands-on CiviCRM admin, helping clients negotiate their way to the most efficient options of pushing and pulling data around the system, including through the wonderful Webform-CiviCRM integration. She is also a whizz at getting data from clients old systems cleaned up and into CiviCRM.

Luke Stewart

Luke first encounted Drupal and CiviCRM through his involvement in politics. Since then he has gained experience with other CMSs and CRMs including WordPress and NationBuilder. Before starting with Fuzion he worked managing data, email, and web communications and campaigns as well as providing technical support for political mobilisation campaigns. As well as his more technical experience Luke also has experience in research and media relations as well as issue based campaigning and political messaging with a focus on environmental issues.

Torrance Hodgson

Torrance has a passion for writing lean, clean code. Prior to working with Fuzion his biggest Drupal project was for He also has significant experience in other areas of web development, such as semantic and standards compliant HTML, advanced CSS styling, frontend javascript using the jQuery library, and LAMP-stack management.

Jitendra Purohit

Jitendra started working with CiviCRM as part of the CiviCRM core team. He came onboard with Fuzion as a developer in early 2017. He fixes and improves core code, extensions and creates custom code to extend CiviCRM as our clients need it.