Team Fuzion

Peter Davis

Peter set up Fuzion after being introduced to CiviCRM while working on a political campaign. His passion is helping organisations and businesses develop and implement the strategies that will help them achieve their mission more effectively.

It's about helping business and organisations that are doing good do it better.

Peter has worked in politics, communications and research and has considerable experience in advocacy and research related to environmental and sustainability issues. He also has a strong background in writing for public consumption, be it for the web, newsletters or books.

Luke Stewart

Luke first encounted Drupal and CiviCRM through his involvement in politics. Since then he has gained experience with other CMSs and CRMs including WordPress and NationBuilder. Before starting with Fuzion he worked managing data, email, and web communications and campaigns as well as providing technical support for political mobilisation campaigns. As well as his more technical experience Luke also has experience in research and media relations as well as issue based campaigning and political messaging with a focus on environmental issues.

Mike Beck

Mike has worked with CMSs and CRMs for many years, although this is his first role using CiviCRM. 
Before joining Fuzion as a developer, he developed mostly PHP-based websites using Wordpress and Laravel.  He is enjoying learning CiviCRM and gaining more experience with Drupal.

Matt Adams

Matt has an extensive developer background having worked in CMS space for many years. His experience has helped to deliver many projects with AEM, wordpress, drupal and he has a strong understanding of back-end integrations and e-commerce. He is looking forward to working more in open-source communities and contributing to meaningful platforms.


Jitendra Purohit

With a decade of dedicated experience in CiviCRM development, Jitendra brings a wealth of expertise to the Fuzion team. As a developer based in India, he works remotely, contributing to Fuzion's success.

Jitendra specializes in enhancing and maintaining the core code of CiviCRM, developing extensions, and crafting custom solutions tailored to meet clients' unique requirements. His commitment to excellence ensures that Fuzion delivers top-notch solutions in the realm of CiviCRM development.