Community contributions

CSS Inline

This extension uses the cssin library ( to convert style sheet links to inline css. This is important for content that is going to a gmail account to render correctly. Also, it makes it easier to see the same thing in your browser as the final email

For example

<link href="" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />
<div class="mission-statement">lots of stuff</div>

Gets converted to


This extension facilitates uploading CSVs via the CiviCRM import interface. Useful for bulk uploading events or campaigns etc.

The civicrm api entity is currently a free-text field which can be set to, for example, Event or Campaign. (Note that for entities like Contribution Pages you need to use API names - either ContributionPage or contribution_page). The same permissions apply as for any api create call.

To use you need to go to civicrm/csvimporter/import - no navigation items are added by default but you can add them. More notes are in the README.