The Fuzion Toolbox


CiviCRM provides many reports on event participants, memberships, contributions straight out of the box.

We can also build reports to give you pretty much anything you want. The integration of Drupal views with CiviCRM has provided greater capabilities in formatting reports.


Connect your CiviCRM contributions directly to Xero to ease work of your financial manager and keep your xero contact's details up to date. The Xero integration built by Eileen allows smooth integration between the two systems.

All contributions created in CiviCRM can be pushed through to Xero for quick reconcilliation. And the information can be pushed back through to CiviCRM so you can automatically confirm if the pay later people have paid up by connecting the dots in just one place.


Let CiviCRM track your fundraising income. CiviCRM has a campaign feature so you can keep fundraising efforts seperated.

You can set fundraising goals, allow individuals to track their fundraising efforts.

Automatically send thank you emails

Event Management

CiviCRM has a great Event registration section. Perfect for facilitating selling event tickets, sending reminders that it is coming up, recording volunteers and speakers involved in the events.

It has great flexibility in pricing eg early bird, student discounts. You can cap the attendance and create waiting lists

You can easily track participants, see what events a individual has attended.

Access Control

Do you have members that you want to be able to log in and see member only content and update their details, but only while they are active members?

Have various levels of admins and users who need access to different levels of configuration?

Have regional admins who should only have access to contacts in their region?

This is all possible thanks to Drupal user roles, CiviCRM relationships, our CiviCRM related permissions extension and the CiviCRM roles sync modules. We can accommodate all levels of access complexity.