Registering multiple people for multiple events

This summary explains how we are using webform to allow multiple people to be registered for multiple events - with each person registering for any variation of events

Webform ‘body’ holds info about events including prices with links to more info


User selects number of folk they are registering and Conditionals kick in to show the necessary fields

So the conditionals for the first registrant are like this:

And for the second registrant (etc)

For each registrant there are then a set of fields for name and which events they are registering for

The events the second person registers for are entirely independent of what the first person registered for

The prices that are set in the fields are based on other Conditionals

With a similar set for each of the (max) 6 people that this form allows to register

Plus we have some conditionals requiring First and Last name if any event is chosen for any participant

NOTE: we began to hit limits for number of conditionals (approx 80) eg "Fatal error: Call to undefined function bootstrap_form_process() in /path>/includes/ on line 1871" which required us to up the PHP limit of max_input_vars.