Konbit Sante

Konbit Sante's mission is to support the development of a sustainable health system to meet the needs of the Cap-Haitien community with maximum local direction and support with a vision of the people of Cap-Haitien to have continuing and measurable improvements in health status.

Their values:

  1. Konbit Sante affirms that all people have the right to healthcare regardless of personal means.  Furthermore, people have a fundamental right to life and liberty.  They believe in the dignity of all people and in human rights.  To that end, they believe that it is imperative to bear witness to, and advocate on behalf of, persons who suffer the indignity of misery.
  2. Konbit Sante seeks to understand the full context of their work, but will focus on, and capitalize on, the strengths and abilities of us and our Haitian, and other, partners.
  3. Konbit Sante operates in accordance with the highest ethical standards in all relationships with its Haitian partners, donors, and the community.
  4. Konbit Sante values the contributions of its volunteers, donors, and funders, and strives to be good stewards of these human and material assets, seeking the most benefit for the people of Cap-Haitien with all resources entrusted to them.
  5. Konbit Sante approaches their partnership with the people of Cap-Haitien with the understanding that each has much to learn from the other.
  6. Konbit Sante understands that they are guests in Haiti and that decisions about the health system there are the Haitians’ to make.
  7. Konbit Sante believes in the value of improving the public health system in Haiti, rather than developing a secondary or parallel system.
  8. While recognizing that they are ultimately all interdependent, Konbit Sante believes in promoting the empowerment of people to meet their own needs.

You can find a list of most of our clients here.