Liberty Victoria

Liberty Victoria is one of Australia’s leading civil liberties organisations - working to defend and extend human rights and freedoms in Victoria since 1936.  They do this on limited funds, with no support from Government​, relying on a small part time office team, volunteers who do the work and the financial support of members, donors and people who come along to our events.

Their aims are to:

  • Help foster a society based on the democratic participation of all its members and the principles of justice, openness, the right to dissent and respect for diversity.
  • Secure the equal rights of everyone and oppose any abuse or excessive power by the state against its people.
  • Influence public debate and government policy on a range of human rights issues. We have policy statements on issues such as access to justice, a charter of rights, freedom of speech and privacy.
  • Prepare submissions to government, support court cases defending infringements of civil liberties, issue media releases and hold events.

You can find a list of most of our clients here.