New Zealand Dance Company

The New Zealand Dance Company exists out of a desire to change the way New Zealanders see and experience contemporary dance. Removing the barriers and complexity that surrounds this genre and in essence, creating a new connection to what dance is and can be. This company was formed to build a hot bed of talent and creativity that is sustainable. Attracting new talent and reclaiming dancers and choreographers that have left New Zealand shores, a creative environment that can challenge and grow New Zealand dance culture.

NZDC believes dance is the beautifully truthful language of living; our bodies are vessels of wisdom that are deeply connected to this land. Their compelling New Zealand dances are earthy, funny, beautiful and brave.

The vision for NZDC is to create new connections to dance by staging contemporary dance in highly engaging ways and different contexts. In ways that continue to break new ground but in ways people get and can’t get enough of.

You can find a list of most of our clients here.