WEAVE Youth and Community Services

Weave Youth & Community Services provides a range of services to socially excluded young people, women, children and families in the heart of Sydney. A large proportion (66%) of people who access our services are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander.

Their vision is a strong, connected community that values its members with opportunities and justice for all and their mission to empower people to change their lives.

Some of their programmes support:

  • Families get the right help to support their children and teenagers, including parenting programs.
  • Women and children to be safe and free from violence
  • Counselling is available for those who would not usually get access.
  • Young people get access to tutoring opportunities.
  • Young people with mental health and/or drug and alcohol issues get timely, holistic support.
  • Disadvantaged children get access to quality, social, recreational and support programs.
  • Young people are diverted from the juvenile justice system.

You can find a list of most of our clients here.