If you have the CiviCRM Entities module (2.x version)  and the Calendar module then in Views you should find that you can use "Add from template" and there is a template for Civi Event.Previous to the 2.x version of Entities the View needed hand crafting and there is an example attached.
Following on the blog by Eileen about using CiviCRM Entities and Views Bulk Operations (VBO) to update start/end dates of civi Relationships in bulk, another client asked for a quick solution for them confirming who attended an event. This was a free event, they had sent out invites, and wanted a... more
I did this to help out on the CiviCRM Forum. It should show the logged in user any events they are registered for.The ingredients for the view recipe are (in short)View of type 'CiviCRM Participant'View Relationships of type CiviCRM Contacts: Drupal ID (which connects the Participant to the Drupal... more