When a customer buys something from the Ubercart store, this module:

  • Creates a CiviCRM contact record if the purchaser doesn't already exist.
  • Adds the purchaser to the specified CiviCRM group.
  • Adds (or updates) a contribution history to their record. (this works by rules in Drupal 7. This is not thought to be working in Drupal 6) -
  • Displays a 'Purchases' tab on their contact record with a link to their order history.
  • Will not over-write contact name for existing contact
  • Adds addresses to CiviCRM if they do not match an existing address for that contact. The location type is configurable in the settings form
  • In drupal 6 (#2171425: Address Prefill doesn't work on drupal 7) contact's address will prefill into the uc checkout address fields

Release 7.x-4.x-dev