Showing a list of Civi Contacts via a View and providing a path to a 'page' for each Contact

In many cases, such as for the European Greens, we want to create Drupal pages for some contacts, in their case Parties, so that we can pull together both a collection of information about the contact from Civi, and display related Drupal content, such as News items about the Party. You can see an example of that for the German Bundnis party here. (And I will write this approach up in greater detail later)

But in other cases we may want to do this purely with Civi data, such as places that are 'BreastFeeding Friendly' places for the Australian Breastfeeding Association.

In the case of the latter we can still do this in Views. The attached View does it via the following

- a display that provides a list of the Organisations concerned, with the 'display name' rewritten to be a link to a yet to exist path that would have the 'display name' in it as the second part of the path, eg /clients/European_Greens

- a second display that uses a Contextual Filter that then 'looks' for the display name in the second argument and pulls in the civi data for that contact.

You can see a simple example of this in action here where the page shows a list of some of our clients, and each entry links through to a page for that specific client where other CiviCRM information could be shown.


NB to import a View in D7 you either need to be user/1 or to Masquerade as admin.