Democratic Green Party of Rwanda

The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda (DGPR) is new political party launched on 14thAugust 2009 at Hotel Laico (Ex-Novotel) Kigali.

DGPR main goal is to bring about a real "genuine and authentic" political opposition in the country. It plans to win broad support through actualizing its main objective, democratically and "greening" of the country.

DGPR is a people's party, striving for a progressive people's democracy, the type of democracy that will ensure all Rwandans are able to freely live in their country without fear and enjoy all their rights as provided for in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights and other related international laws, rules and democratic principles.

DGPR strives for a Rwanda that is at peace with itself and its neighbors, the continent of Africa and the international community.

DGPR aim is to change the political and social economic history of Rwanda. DGPR is an organization that deeply values and strongly cherishes the noble values of democracy and the international green principles.

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