Environment and Conservation Organisations of Aotearoa New Zealand (ECO) is New Zealand's national network working to protect our environment.

ECO works to protect New Zealand’s unique natural heritage and to foster the relationship New Zealanders have with it. The natural environment is central to New Zealand's culture, economy and identity. ECO acts to protect it for recreation, for its intrinsic quality and for New Zealand's children and grandchildren to enjoy. They strive to empower and inform people to work for better management and protection of New Zealand’s forests, coasts, sea, rivers, land, atmosphere and our unique species.

ECO is a network of fifty-plus large and small environmental organisations based all around New Zealand, as well as several hundred individual Friends. The core of ECO’s work is promoting and strengthening community environmental action, and working collaboratively towards better government policies and management decisions. ECO also works on global issues such as climate change, Antarctica, and oceans.

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