Energy Link was created to assist smaller players compete in New Zealand's deregulated wholesale electricity spot market. Energy Link  is recognised as a leader in the fields of procurement, risk management and hedging for electricity, software and systems for managing energy.

Energy Link is not an energy trader - rather non-aligned and providing independent services to electricity and natural gas market participants, larger energy users, lines companies, independent retailers and generators, local government, government agencies and the investment community. They support their clients through all stages of development and execution of their energy strategies.

Their services include:

  • a full range of procurement services for electricity and gas
  • the Ellserve contract management and energy information system
  • the HedgeSafe program for developing, implementing and managing a hedging strategy
  • forecasts of electricity and gas prices from one to 16 years into the future
  • a range of relevant Training courses
  • FREE daily, weekly and monthly Publications including the Energy Link Fixed Price Electricity Contact indices

You can find a list of most of our clients here.