Visible Learning Plus is a professional development program for teachers that explores how evidence can be used to create innovation in the learning environment. Their work is focused on John Hattie’s research and the principles of visible learning and visible teaching. This outstanding research… more
Prosper Australia is a non government organisation inspired by economic efficiency and social justice. They contribute evidence and perspective to the national economic debate. In researching land and taxation issues, they call upon a multi-disciplinary team of economists, econometricians, land… more
The New Zealand Ecological Society was formed in 1951 to promote the study of ecology and the application of ecological knowledge in all its aspects. Through its activities, the not-for-profit society encourages ecological research, increases awareness and understanding of ecological principles,… more
The International Union for the Scientific Study of Population (IUSSP) mission is to promote the scientific study of population, encourage exchange between researchers around the globe, and stimulate interest in population issues.To further its mission, the IUSSP:organizes seminars and workshops to… more
 Energy Link was created to assist smaller players compete in New Zealand's deregulated wholesale electricity spot market. Energy Link  is recognised as a leader in the fields of procurement, risk management and hedging for electricity, software and systems for managing energy.Energy Link is not an… more
ChangeMakers Refugee Forum is a rights-based, non-government organisation (NGO) representing 14 refugee-background communities in Wellington, New Zealand.They work towards their vision of New Zealanders from refugee backgrounds participating fully in New Zealand life through community development,… more
The International Association of Demographers of French Language (AIDELF) was founded in 1977. It brings together demographers and specialists from diverse disciplines giving a demographic orientation to their work. Today, AIDELF has nearly 500 members, all French-speaking and distributed in sixty… more
InternetNZ strives for a better world through a better Internet. They promote the Internet's benefits, protect its potential and focus on advancing an open and uncaptureable Internet for our country.They provide a voice for the Internet in New Zealand and work on behalf of all Internet users across… more

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