When Drupal Users are created a CiviCRM record is automatically created. If those Users are spammers, and therefore need to be Blocked or Deleted, you are faced with the difficulty of getting rid of both their Drupal user and the related CiviCRM record.To help us with this task and others related… more
I spotted this on StackExchange and Link was okay with me adding this to the repository here. Link's issue was that he had a bunch of Organization contacts with "Work" addresses that he needed to change to "Main" addresses.He installed CiviCRM Entity and used VBO and found it gave him a very… more
Following on the blog by Eileen about using CiviCRM Entities and Views Bulk Operations (VBO) to update start/end dates of civi Relationships in bulk, another client asked for a quick solution for them confirming who attended an event. This was a free event, they had sent out invites, and wanted a… more
It has been possible to make batch changes to CiviCRM data using VBO (Views Bulk Operations) for a while but I only just got around to implementing it for a customer so I am taking the chance to document what I did here!The recipe is basically- install civicrm_entity version 2.x & vbo- create a… more