Prosper Australia

Prosper Australia is a non government organisation inspired by economic efficiency and social justice. They contribute evidence and perspective to the national economic debate. In researching land and taxation issues, they call upon a multi-disciplinary team of economists, econometricians, land valuers, tax lawyers, chartered accountants, urban planners and academics. They reach out to business on lowering costs by ending deadweight losses from bad taxes, and to progressives on urban amenity, infrastructure funding and resource conservation.

Their mission is to replace all existing taxes with an annual charge on government granted privileges and natural resources, including land by:

  • Educating society in economics
  • Seeking support for our mission
  • Supporting proportional representation in all elections

Their vision is to:

  • Reduce the cost of home ownership
  • Abolish poverty
  • Achieve full employment
  • Create a more educated society
  • Achieve a sustainable environment through land management

You can find a list of most of our clients here.