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05 Nov 2020

The scenario here is, for example, you are calling your Contacts and recording data via webform using webform_civicrm, and you are using a View to get your list of contacts.

26 Jun 2019

We did this a while back, and a question on StackExchange meant it was worth sharing.

28 Feb 2018

When Drupal Users are created a CiviCRM record is automatically created.

07 Dec 2017

This summary explains how we are using webform to allow multiple people to be registered for multiple events - with each person registering for any variation of events

13 Jun 2017

Per a request in StackExchanged I cloned this View and cleaned it up in case it could help in their use case.  The view ensures the block shows activities Assigned to the logged in user.

16 Nov 2016

Quickly built this to provide an example view for this question on Stack Exchange. Obviously the relationship types may need resetting to match which relationships are required.

26 May 2016

This came up as a question for a civi report that could provide a pivot table for contacts created each month v the Source field.

21 Nov 2015

A question on StackExchange had me wondering if a View would provide a solution for showing Civi Memberships and OG Mem

12 Mar 2014

Styling emails can be a bit of a challenge. Sometimes emails look OK on the screen but don't work in the email client. Reasons for this include

26 Feb 2014

We recently had a situation where we wanted to synchronise CiviCRM relationships to drupal roles using Drupal rules. We had been doing this for a while - creating a Volunteer role when the contact got a new Volunteer relationship and removing it when the relationship was deleted or expired. However, the problem was that the contact might have another relationship that entitled them to have the Drupal role.

18 Feb 2014

It is possible to integrate CiviCRM with Xero - although the extension (purposefully) cannot be downloaded through the UI as it defintely requires someone technically savy to be involved in setting it up & maintaining it. In this blog I'm going to explain what you can expect and what you can't expect from the Xero integration. In order to get install and configure it you should refer to the Readme.


What you can expect to see?

18 Dec 2011

A major challenge for CiviCRM implementers is migrating data from legacy systems into CiviCRM. For large datasets the front end import mechanisms time-out and don't allow for the complexity of the data.

23 May 2011

A customer recently requested that the little contact search box in the top left corner be made available on all their drupal pages and that it link to the contact's Drupal page.


Re-using the Civi-search box seemed a bit too difficult but there was a fairly easy solution to this request using existing drupal modules - finder + views (plus features to deploy).


15 Oct 2010

Table Wizard offers a quick & dirty way to get a csv into a Drupal mysql DB as a table. You need to start by downloading & enabling tablewizard and  schema. Make sure you choose to enable the delimited import part.

You should then be able to navigate to admin/content/tw via the content menu and upload your csv file.

If you want the table available in views, However you need to access MySQL (e.g via PHPMyAdmin)

and add a primary key column e.g.

15 Oct 2010

The joy of CiviMigrate is when you have a complicated destination for your data. In our example we have a simple csv with 6 fields but we want to create a Contact (see previous blog), a membership for that contact and an attached contribution record for the payment received. This blog will describe how to do a membership import and then a contribution import off the same data set.

This blog follows on very closely from the previous blog and continues the same example.


15 Oct 2010

The Migrate module is a powerful tool for importing data into Drupal and Drupal modules. It is also an approach we have been using for large, complicated or recurring imports into CiviCRM. Some advantages of using Migrate module for imports:

15 Oct 2010

NOTE: This approach has been superceded by our work developing the bridge module for using the Drupal Migrate module to migrate legacy data in to CiviCRM. Read about it here