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26 Jun 2019

We did this a while back, and a question on StackExchange meant it was worth sharing.

28 Feb 2018

When Drupal Users are created a CiviCRM record is automatically created.

07 Dec 2017

This summary explains how we are using webform to allow multiple people to be registered for multiple events - with each person registering for any variation of events

13 Jun 2017

Per a request in StackExchanged I cloned this View and cleaned it up in case it could help in their use case.  The view ensures the block shows activities Assigned to the logged in user.

16 Nov 2016

Quickly built this to provide an example view for this question on Stack Exchange. Obviously the relationship types may need resetting to match which relationships are required.

26 May 2016

This came up as a question for a civi report that could provide a pivot table for contacts created each month v the Source field.

21 Nov 2015

A question on StackExchange had me wondering if a View would provide a solution for showing Civi Memberships and OG Mem

21 Oct 2015

A StackExchange question asked how to provide a link to whatever was the latest newsletter. Seemed like a good fit for a View so tried one out. Here is the file. if it helps, let us know.

18 Jun 2010

Nice to see some praise for the Aus Greens site. From the ABC website